Vamo V5 Kit

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Vamo V5


Vamo v5

  • Variable voltage
  • Working voltage from 3.0V to 6.0V
  • Output power 3W—15W
  • Protected function
  • Fit atomizers with resistance 1.5~5.0ohm.
  • Can test Atomizer's resistance, and Display voltage, power
  • 510 connector.
  • Can work with 1pc 18650 battery or 1pc 18350 or 2pcs 18350 battey (2pcs 18350 batteries include)
  • The extension battery tube fit 1pcs 18350 battery

How to use:

1. Click the big button 5 times to turn the unit on (or off).


 2. Pressing the - button for 3 seconds displays battery voltage. Pressing the + button for 3 seconds displays the working resistance.


3. Single pressing of the +/- will increase or reduce with 0.1V or 0.5W increments depending on power mode.


4. To switch power mode from volts to watts. press and hold "+"and"-" at the same time for 3 seconds.


5. Press the big button to operate the unit.


6.To turn off, click the big button 5 times.


7. Battery monitoring shuts the unit off once battery has reached end of charge.


8. LCD displays LO-Ω if resistance lower than 1.2ohm, LO-V if short circuit.


8. To switch between V(avg) [No1] mode to V(rms) [No2] mode by holding the + button down for at least 10 seconds.

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